Plastic Bend Fabrications

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Where Imagination Meets Plastic Reality

In the plastic bend fabrication industry, there’s no challenge too great and no project too complex for our professionals at SCAF—your foremost plastic fabrication company in Gold Coast.Our team, a blend of creative people and proficient craftsmen, possesses the ability to build your ideas from a simple sketch to a plastic masterpiece.

Our Plastic Bend Fabrications – Crafting Possibilities

At SCAF, our workshop is a one-stop place for plastic possibilities, with a wide range of materials ready to be built to your requirements. We specialise in plastic bend fabrication in Gold Coast, providing diverse services as offerings that include precision punching, accurate routering, forming, cutting, hot-stamping, and, to complete the range of services, bespoke packaging that fulfils your exact specifications, even regarding plastic bend fabrications.



Laser cutting

Laser-Cutting with Precision

For those who demand extreme precision with plastic bend fabrications, our CNC laser cutter is a mark of excellence. It wields its laser beam with finesse, capable of cutting acrylic, polycarbonate, and more with quick-methods and accuracy.

Acrylic –

Beloved for their adaptability in acrylic sheets, they can be used as POS displays, convey visual narratives, ensure acoustic harmony, provide stunning window glazing, define architectural beauty, beautify kitchens and furniture, and even add a pleasant-look to bathroom splash-backs. The possibilities are as limitless & innovative as your imagination!

Polycarbonate –

When speaking of tough materials, polycarbonate emerges as an industry-standard, known for its resilience and high-impact resistance. It’s very much preferred on the Gold Coast for plastic bend fabrications.

Because, when it comes to exterior automotive components, polycarbonate is the BEST. Also, it works well with all kinds of plastic bend fabrications.




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Our Legacy – Quality Across Industries

At Solid Cutting & Fabrication, we go beyond the ordinary, working with standard sheet sizes like 2440mm x 1220mm, which serves as our playground for plastic bend fabrications.

These sheets are more than dimensions, they are also the raw material waiting to be created, cut, polished, and fine-tuned to match the needs, requirements, and dimensions that your unique project demands.

Our expertise in plastic bend fabrication along the Gold Coast has been nothing but more than extraordinary. We’ve made a full plethora of top-notch plastic components that span across multiple industries.

From eye-catching point-of-purchase displays to precision-crafted automotive parts, practical trays, and versatile fixtures—we’ve done it all! Your ideas and our designs merge to create pieces of the HIGHEST quality. 



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The SCAF Benefit – For Plastic Bend Fabrications

Creative Brilliance: Our team turns sketches into spectacular plastic masterpieces.

Material Arsenal: A treasure of plastic materials awaits, ready to be shaped to perfection.

Versatile Performers: Acrylic sheets can be used across a myriad of applications, from architecture to aesthetics.

Laser-Cutting Precision: Our CNC laser cutter guarantees your visions are created with the utmost precision.

Endless Possibilities: With SCAF, there are no limits to what you can create with plastic.

Along with this, you also get:

  • Cost-effective plastic bend fabrication solutions in Gold Coast
  • Expertise in fabricating plastics with the same precision as metals
  • Class 100 cleanroom for contamination-free bending
  • Reliable and precise tube bending services
  • Consistent, high-quality results!


Your dreams deserve the BEST, and we’re here to make them happen. Our dynamic service with plastic bend fabrication is tailor-made to bring your unique ideas to life.

Get in touch today on info@scaf.com.au or give us a call at 0402 386 470, and let’s start fabricating something exactly how you want it & need it!

We Provide Solutions For Any Type of Plastic Fabrications in Gold Coast

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