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Acrylic Letters & 3D Fabricated Lettering in Melbourne

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Acrylic Letter Cutting/ 3D Fabricated Letters

A great way to stand out of the crowd is displaying well fabricated 3D letters outside your home or workplace! We, at Scaf in Melbourne, fabricate a huge variety of custom 3D lettering signages, acrylic boxes and acrylic letters.

Whether you dream of plastics, stainless steel, engraved, rounded or any other type of 3D letters, the possibilities are endless. The 3D fabricated letters can be embedded in outdoor buildings, entrance doorways and walls to give your business that little bit of extra personality and style.

We can cut acrylic letters, which can be a great as reception signages, the fabricated 3D lettering, Melbourne, can be illuminated with multiple colors fixed on a wall for a larger than life company logo.

Our acrylic boxes too are customisable as per your needs. Used to display your architecture model, or showcase your prized possessions, our products manifest the highest quality craftsmanship.

We use precision laser and CNC cutters in sync with our printing services to offer a complete range of designs and styles for you to chose from. Our acrylic fabricated letters are a great way to showcase your business day and night with high impact visibility. Our range of custom 3D lettering in Melbourne is made to last.

The acrylic letters are versatile enough to be mounted on a variety of surfaces such as aluminum, acrylic materials and a host of others.

All these custom lettering services are laser polished especially the edge returns of every letter offering a superior finish.

We are equipped with an in house team of expert designers to conceive and deliver the best, high-quality and a clean professional look to your signs. Our premium 3D fabricated letters are durable and corrosion resistant. Custom lettering way is a great and inexpensive concept having huge big bold letters exhibiting long lasting lifespan.

3D Lettering Melbourne

We have been servicing our clients throughout Melbourne and Australia with great value, and a product that any business would be proud to have at their front entrance.

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