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Looking for Perspex Cut to Size and Acrylic Cut to Size in Melbourne?

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Scaf Plastic Fabrication is one of the prominent suppliers of Plexiglass, Acrylic sheets & Perspex Cut to Size in Melbourne. Headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria, we supply our products across major cities in Australia.

Perspex & Acrylic Cut To Size in Melbourne

We offer a diverse range of Perspex sheets including common acrylic sheets with a wide range of solid colours, frosted, tinted and fluorescent.

With our Perspex Cut to Size services in Melbourne, we guarantee to provide you with the exact specifications you asked for. All you have to do is provide the full details on the size, thickness, specific shapes (round, sharp edges, polished) and we will get it done for you in no time.

Acrylic is available in different sheet sizes and may range from 2440mm to 3050mm offering you many options to select from to suit your budget and requirements. We use a CNC router and laser cut machines to deliver the best and finest quality acrylic cut to size in Melbourne.

Whether you require transparent sheets or opaque acrylic ones, at Scaf Plastic Fabrication, we guarantee you getting your desired colour, size, shape and quality.

Bringing your concepts to life, we have everything you can dream of!

Is Acrylic the same as Perspex?

Yes, it is. Perspex acrylic is a premium branded acrylic that has the same features and specification of acrylic. It is also known as Plexiglass or Perspex sheets that can be found in great variants and can be delivered in a diverse range of sizes.

Acrylic glass is mostly used in different places and industries, for example:

  • Building commercial and residential aquariums,
  • Viewing ports and the entire pressure frame of submersibles
  • Large panels around hockey rink to protect spectators
  • Aircrafts and police vehicles to protect the vehicle owners from any thrown objects

Perspex Sheets vs. Glass

Have you ever thought about replacing the glass with Perspex sheet? Cut to size Perspex is considered to be more transparent compared to glass. In addition to that, the properties of UV resistance that the Perspex has made it a better option for outdoor applications. Perspex sheets can be drilled, formed, shaped and sawed to different sizes. It has become a common practice to replace glass with Perspex sheets for the fact that they’re lighter, cheaper and are known to be reliable impact resistant.

If you want to know more about our Perspex Cut to Size and Acrylic Cut to Size services in Melbourne, you can reach out to us via email at or phone at  (03) 9551 1989.

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