Medical and Laboratory Products

We,at Solid Cutting & Fabrication headquartered in Gold Coast, manufacture and supply high quality and affordable medical equipments and appliances with unquestioned durability! Made from specially formulated substances and specific manufacturing mechanism, we have an expert team of trained plastic designers to create accurate and customized laboratory products as per the specifications of our clients.

We ensure that our fabrication process meets the stringent material need and durability standards. Our diverse experience and expertise in the medical field is adept at addressing the requirements of quality conscious customers especially in medical and wound care segments.

Several medical and laboratory equipments constitute of plastics and we are specialists in manufacturing complex medical devices warranting stringent quality standards. Some of the widely demanded and used laboratory equipments include utility carts, electronic tray carts, adjustable tote cart, wafer box carts, cleanroom service carts, computer carts, reticle storage cabinets, test kits, wall mounted holders for CPR/oxygen masks, glassware racks shield guards, custom bio-shields, literature display – wall, floor or counter, information center and bulletin boards, blood pressure cuffs, ostomy bags, OEM machine bladders, acrylic mixing columns, acrylic covers and guards, drying cabinets, lab fitouts, laboratory benches, plaster traps, test rig, PVC photo develop trough and host of others.

We can cut, bond, wield and engineer plastic sheets, acrylic and polycarbonates to supply the most durable and complex laboratory equipments and products. Having years of experience under our belt, we have earned an enviable rapport in the medical industry for our world class, long lasting and cost-effective laboratory products. We have a supply network of medical appliances in the suburb of Australia including Melbourne, Perth, Victoria, Sydney etc.

We build equipments that save lives!

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