How to Cut Aluminium Composite Panel?

Posted On: October 23 Monday, 2023
How to Cut Aluminium Composite Panel?

What do you call a metal product that every industry uses? Stop wondering, because we have the answer to that! Its aluminium composite panels (ACP) (also known as ACP material). These TOP-NOTCH materials are made with major accuracy & are created by bonding two aluminium plates to a fire-retardant core material, creating a fusion of strength and versatility.

Cutting Aluminium Composite Panel & More

Before getting to know more ‌about laser cutting aluminium composite, aluminium composite panel cutting tools, or just the general cutting aluminium composite panels, you must know the prime application of ACP. Building cladding systems, the protective stuff that shields structures from everything. Aluminium composite panel companies and manufacturers have perfected how to make these metal cladding systems, with durability, adaptability, and aesthetics that traditional systems can’t match.

Benefits of Using Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium composite panels have been a game-changer, offering a LOT of advantages over conventional metal cladding systems. There are reasons why people prefer laser cutting aluminium composites instead of all the traditional offerings that they have ditched. By using SCAF’s aluminium composite panel cutting tools and class-A, high-quality ACPS, you get advantages like:

  • Durability and longevity, as ACPs stand the test of time.
  • Lightweight perks because these panels are extremely featherlight, reducing structural strain.
  • Ease of cutting accuracy & precision cutting is a breeze with aluminium composite panels.
  • Simplicity in fabrication and installation—experience versatility at its BEST.
  • Fire-resistant and waterproof material, so you get your safety at the core.
  • A sigh of relief for property owners because of its extremely low maintenance.
  • Easy to clean as the exterior of the panel is just a wash away.

See How Aluminium Composite Panel Cutting Tools Work

Aluminium composite panels’ potential often starts with one very important step, which is cutting them to size. For that, we have to cut down on the best tools and techniques of ACP cutting for results that are both – accuracy-oriented, assuring the cut exactly matches the measurements & costing less with even less hassle. Let’s see which methods are in-trend and perfectly appropriate to use.

Method 1 – Precision with Jigsaw Cutting

When it comes to cutting aluminium composite panels, jigsaw cutting is a well-known and old technique. This tool can cut straight through various thicknesses, and it doesn’t just stop there. It can also create angles and curves. However, for precise and smooth cuts, you should choose a jigsaw with a 24-toothed blade or higher. Remember, the more teeth, the smoother the cut!

Method 2 – Circular Saw Cutting Technique

The circular saw is something you can rely on when straight-line cuts on ACP panels and sidings are supposed to be done. While it’s a good method, safety should always be a priority. Before you begin, measure and plan the cut carefully. Wear a pair of safety equipment to protect your eyes from debris & dust during the process.

Method 3 – The Shearing Technique

Shearing is an ancient method for cutting metals. The machine’s blades meet at a specific gap, known as the “blade gap,” to shear the material into required sizes. The harder or thicker the panel, the wider the blade gap should be. But, rather than this method, laser cutting aluminium composite is more preferred these days.

Method 4 – Cold Chisels

For those who prefer a personal & handmade-type method, cold chisels are for them. Choose a chisel that’s 1 inch wider than the material. Sharpen it to a 60-70 degree angle using a sharpening guide. This method is quick, taking just 30 seconds, and if it takes longer, it’s time to rethink your chisel choice. This comes in the top pick between all the aluminium composite panel cutting tools out there!

Method 5 – The CNC Router

When dealing with aluminium, precision is the most important factor, and material removal becomes an efficient way due to the product’s unique properties. Lubricants can ease the process, given the narrower margins for feed and speed when cutting ACPs. Regularly vacuuming the machine makes sure there is a clean space. Using this for cutting aluminium composite panels is always a better option than implementing traditional methods.

Method 6 – Laser Cutting

The fibre laser system is the BEST for cutting reflective materials like aluminium. A laser marking spray leaves a mark on the material’s surface. However, CO2 lasers can also perform this task with major precision. What sets laser cutting apart is its ability to leave no residue or discolouration on the materials. High-melting-point ACPs are a match for laser cutting, resulting in optimal sheet usage and minimal material waste.

The Conclusion & Our Laser Cutting Aluminium Composites

When it comes to all the methods for cutting ACPS or laser cutting services, SCAF stands out as a trusted partner. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality, SCAF offers unparalleled expertise in laser cutting for various industries. Whether you require custom aluminium components or complex designs, our team is ready to bring your projects to life with precision & excellence.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to laser cutting aluminium composites, general cutting, ACP cutting techniques, or methods. Partner with SCAF, where precision, quality, and innovation await!

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